MARKET PROVISIONS CO. is our non-profit shop located in the Dallas Farmer's Market. Our shop features food and artisanal goods from local DFW farmers and vendors. The goal of this program is to easily connect Dallas citizens to locally sourced food and goods and support the local farmers and artisans that made them!

Through THE HAPPY KITCHEN we offer community cooking classes and nutrition education classes for the preparation of meals that are delicious, nutritious, seasonal and affordable, supporting lasting dietary changes. The goal of this program is to learn skills and self-sufficiency in preparing healthy, economical meals, laugh, cook, and enjoy food together. 

Through our SNAP program we are able to accept SNAP benefits at the Dallas Farmers Market. The goal of this program is to make fresh fruit and vegetables more affordable and accessible to all families and individuals. 

In a partnership with local DFW WIC clinics we're able to bring a WIC FARMERS MARKET to women, infants and children who are eligible for WIC benefits. The goal of this program is to remove some of the barriers, like transportation and high cost, that prevent individuals from accessing fresh, locally grown produce.  

food hub at the Dallas Farmers Market. Food hubs are aggregation and distribution facilities that allow farmers to make one delivery, and have their food sold to multiple outlets, saving the farmer much needed time and effort. The goal of this program is to make it easy for chefs to source the delicious, seasonal and locally grown food in North Texas, and in doing so, support the hard working farmers of North Texas.

This organization is an equal opportunity provider.
View entire USDA Non-Discrimination Statement here.

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